BBB Staff

If you would like to be part of our BBB staff team, there are a number of jobs that need covering on the day:

Entry Desk – take entry fee (CARD & CASH) and give out souvenir glasses. Give sponsor packs to sponsors as they arrive.

Token Sales – sell tokens for use at all the bars (CARD & CASH)

Real Ale Bar – serve real ale in halves and pints from hand pumps and barrels TOKENS ONLY

Cider, Wine, Prosecco – serve cider in halves and pints from boxes; wine & prosecco in individual bottles TOKENS ONLY

Gin & Rum Bar plus soft drinks – serve Gin & Rum by measures TOKENS ONLY Also dispense soft drinks to children and drivers (for a donation to our chosen charity).

Hall Queue Marshal – guide our visitors around the one way ribbon barrier system and direct them to available staff on the bar. Give out tokens and wristbands to volunteer staff

Exit Gate Marshal – advise new arrivals of the entry location and open the barrier for those leaving. Stamp the hand of anyone wishing to return later

All jobs are voluntary and we ask just 2 hours of your time on the day plus attendance at one of our briefing/training sessions. We will give you a short run through of how the day works, and tell you about whichever job you have been allocated.

Afterwards you can ask questions and try your hand at pulling a pint. We won’t ask you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with, and you’ll get a limited edition BBB teeshirt free of charge plus a free pint to say thank you. You’ll also be given a wristband so that you can access the priority areas at all locations. Wearing the teeshirt will allow you to come into the event for free, and we’ll give you a glass to use.

The briefing/training sessions are held at The Community Centre on the Thursday before the event at 7pm and on the Friday before the event at 6.30pm. Please try and attend one as we won’t have time to train you on the day, plus you can collect your staff teeshirt and your perks.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy (and why wouldn’t you, its great fun!) please contact Lynette on 07811 773635 or email and we’ll get back to you.

We also need help setting everything up and dismantling, as follows:

Saturday 8am to 12pm – set up gazebos and stage, set out chairs and tables etc

Saturday approx 9pm – take down gazebos and stage, put away chairs and tables

Sunday 9am to 12pm – pack everything away.

Please let us know if you’re able to help, so that we can add you to the rota. If you’re not sure until the day, just turn up – we’ll be there anyway!

Thank you